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Masterchiefcook Nıco: "Würstchen in Eggrock"

Welcome to the latest issue of "Masterchiefcook Nıco". Nonono, please stop it. I know, I am hot.
Today we are going to cook "Würstchen in Eggrock". Isn't it a lovely name? It is.
So, what exactly is a "Würstchen in Eggrock"? It is simple as fuck. It is a Würstchen (sausage) with scrambled eggs (Rührei).

What we need:

Würstchen. It took some vegetarien, but of course you can take a "normal" (whatever this should be) sausage, du Mörder! ♥
Eggs. Per Würstchen one egg. Not to big. 
Salt, pepper and herbs for the Rührei.

Give some oil into the pan. Erhitze it.
As sone as the oil is hot (you will somehow notice it), give the Würstchen into the pan.
Now they has to brutzel for a while. 

In the meantime you can prepare the Rührei.
Just make it somehow. You can do it without my help.
But don't forget to würz it!

When the Würstchen would be ready cooked, pour over the Rührei.
You should verteilen it good. All over the Würstchen.
Now turn the Würstchen every 30 seconds. Continue this step, until the Rührei is hard.

Congratulation, your meal is ready to eat. Please, eat it now.
I realy love "Würstchen in Eggrock". It's a groovy combination. Maybe it looks a little bit strange and unhappy, but the taste is everything!

See you next time. Love ya!


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